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What are the Characteristics of the Slurry Pump?



As a Slurry Pump Manufacturers, share with you.

Horizontal Slurry Pump

①In order to ensure the transmission of different media and a longer life, there are five types of connection material composition classification A: reinforced polypropylene-corrosion-resistant stainless steel FRPP-ICr18Ni9Ti B: reinforced polypropylene-titanium FRPP-Ti C: reinforced polypropylene-true Other metal D: reinforced polypropylene-fluorine plastic table box E: reinforced polypropylene-propylene overmolded.

② In addition to the shaft, the materials of the parts in contact with the medium are as follows: F-4, hydrogenated silicon, silicon carbide, drink alloy, and reinforced polypropylene.

③In order to prevent various problems caused by thermal expansion and contraction deformation, the connecting pipe of the pump is made of composite steel pipe with plastic.

④ The axial force and radial force generated during the operation of the slurry pump are received by the adjustable l-center bearing to ensure smooth operation and low noise.

⑤The lower part of the pump is equipped with a water bearing, and the pump with a submerged depth of more than 1 meter is equipped with an intermediate water bearing to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the pump.

The current Horizontal Slurry Pump is widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, petrochemical, new building materials and other industries to transport slurry containing solid particles. Due to the harsh environment for slurry pumps, there are often some problems in use, which affect production efficiency. If water cannot be absorbed, the noise is too loud, the pump does not rotate, the bearing heats up, etc., when we encounter these problems, we must analyze the reasons first, and then think about the solutions. The following summarizes the common problems and solutions of slurry pumps, and I hope to help you.

1. When the slurry pump can not absorb water, the reason is that the suction pipe or the filling part is air intake, the steering is not correct, the pump is too high from the suction liquid level or the suction pipe is blocked. The solution is to eliminate the air intake failure, change the steering, replace the impeller, increase the liquid level and clear the blockage.

2. When the noise of the slurry pump is too loud, the reason is that the bearing is damaged, the impeller is out of balance, the flow is uneven, and the pumping phenomenon occurs, or the foundation is not firmly fixed. The solution is to replace the bearing, find the balance again or replace the impeller, improve the feeding conditions, and strengthen the foundation.

3. When the pump does not rotate, the reason is that the impeller is blocked by the slurry inside the sheath. The solution is to remove the slurry inside the slurry pump.

The slurry pump has a wide performance range, good cavitation performance and high efficiency. Multi-stage tandem technology can be used to meet long-distance transportation. There are a variety of metals available for overcurrent parts, and increase the depth. The use of multiple speeds and multiple variants allows the slurry pump to operate in a better industrial and mining environment. It has a long service life and high operating efficiency, and can meet many types of harsh transportation conditions.

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