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How to Solve the Unstable Flow of Slurry Pump?



As a Submersible Pump Manufacturers, I would like to share with you the following reasons for the instability of slurry pump flow:

1. The suction pipe or bottom valve is leaking, or the water inlet is blocked, which is a common cause of insufficient flow. It is necessary to check the air leakage source of the suction pipe and the bottom valve and block it in time, or clean the sludge or blockage at the water inlet.

2. The voltage is too low and the speed of the slurry pump is reduced, resulting in insufficient flow of the slurry pump. At this time, the power supply voltage should be checked and adjusted in time.

3. If there is air leakage in the pipeline or there is air in the pump body, please discharge the air in the pipeline in time.

4. Severe wear of the seal ring or impeller will also cause the slurry pump to flow instability. The severely worn seal ring and impeller should be checked and replaced in time.

5. The depth of the bottom valve is not enough to cause air to enter when pumping. The depth of the bottom valve should be adjusted according to the suction stroke of the slurry pump.

6. If the slurry pump works normally for a period of time after starting, but the current gradually drops and the flow is obviously insufficient, this problem still occurs after restarting the normal operation for a period of time, mostly because the slurry or other debris is accumulating in the suction pipe. Cavitation occurs in the slurry pump. When it is more serious, there will be loud noises in the slurry pump and obvious vibration of the pump head. At this time, the front pool and suction pipe should be thoroughly cleaned, and the length below the elbow should be reduced, or a stirring device should be added to reduce the slurry settles.

SPR Pump

SPR Pump

There is air in the slurry pump body or the gas in the water inlet pipe, or the bottom valve is not closed tightly. The filling of the water is not full, the vacuum pump packing is seriously leaking, and the gate valve or flap door is not closed tightly. Remedy: First press the water up, then fill the pump body with water, and then turn it on. At the same time, check whether the check valve is tight and whether there is air leakage in the pipeline and joints. If air leakage is found, apply lubricating oil or mixed paint on the joints after disassembly, and tighten the screws. Check the oil seal ring of the water pump shaft and replace it with a new one if it is severely worn. Water or air leakage in the pipeline. The nut may not be tightened tightly during installation.

If the leakage is not serious, apply cement or cement slurry mixed with asphalt oil on the leaking or leaking place. Temporary repairs can be coated with wet mud or soft soap. If there is water leakage at the joint, you can tighten the nut with a wrench. If the water leakage is serious, you must re-disassemble and replace the cracked pipe; reduce the head and press the nozzle of the pump into the water 0.5m.

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