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What is the Cause of Slurry Pump Cavitation?



As a Slurry Pump Manufacturers, share with you. There are many reasons for the cavitation of slurry pumps. After the cavitation occurs, the pump will produce noise, vibration, insufficient pump output, and serious impact on its life.

1. Insufficient output of the slurry pump due to cavitation of the slurry pump:

Insufficient output of slurry pump means that the head and flow rate have not reached the target that the pump should achieve. There are two types of this phenomenon: ①When designing the conveying system, the cavitation characteristic relationship is not fully considered. If the critical cavitation flow rate is limited to the required flow rate, cavitation will occur at the critical cavitation flow rate during operation of the slurry pump, which will cause the slurry pump's head to drop significantly and cause insufficient output. The way to solve this problem is to change the piping system, or replace the pump with better cavitation performance, so that the cavitation allowance of the piping installation is greater than the cavitation allowance of the pump at the required flow rate. ②The blockage of the suction pipeline causes cavitation of the slurry pump. The blockage of the suction pipeline of the slurry pump can easily cause the cavitation of the pump and the pump output is insufficient. Reason: Large particles and long fibers block the pipeline inlet, impeller inlet, filter inlet and pump inlet. The valves are damaged and cannot be opened safely. Solution: clear the blockage and repair the inlet valve of the slurry pump.

HH Slurry Pump

HH Slurry Pump

2. Operation in cavitation state:

The operation of the slurry pump in the cavitation state will cause the slurry pump to vibrate and noise, and it will also greatly reduce the life of the slurry pump. When the cavitation of the slurry pump is severe, the pump cannot even run.

Common reasons for the operation of the slurry pump in the cavitation state are as follows: ①The slurry pump operates in the cavitation state due to flow deviation; solution; reduce the slurry pump head to match the required flow rate in the pipeline head. It is also possible to increase the pipeline head to match the slurry pump head at the required flow rate, but this ash causes energy loss and affects the service life of the valve and slurry pump. ②The slurry pump is operating in a cavitation state due to the adjustment of the slurry pump inlet and outlet valve; some users use the pump inlet valve to shut down the pump inlet valve because the pump lift is higher than the pipeline lift to prevent the pump from running at a large flow rate. Mediate running traffic. This method greatly reduces the pipeline cavitation margin due to the increase in the resistance of the suction pipeline. When the pipeline cavitation margin is less than the required cavitation margin of the pump, the slurry pump will operate in the cavitation state. Solution: Open the inlet valve of the pump safely and use the outlet valve of the pump to adjust the operating flow, but the better solution is to reduce the pump lift.

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