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Do you know the Precautions for Slurry Pump Operation?



As a Slurry Pumps Manufacturer, share with you. When the slurry pump is working, the pump needs to be placed on land, the suction pipe is placed in the water, and the pump needs to be started. Mud pumps and submerged slurry pumps are subject to structural limitations. When working, the motor needs to be placed above the water surface and the pump must be placed in the water, so it must be fixed. Otherwise, the motor will fall into the water and the motor will be scrapped. Moreover, because the length of the long shaft is generally fixed, the installation and use of the pump is troublesome, and the application occasions are subject to many restrictions.

Metallurgy Slurry Pump

Metallurgy Slurry Pump

If there is a spare pump, it is best to use the two pumps in turn. If the pump is stuck, only the pump can be repaired, and a net can be added to the water inlet to prevent excessive impurities from entering the pump, so that the chance of pump stuck will be much smaller!

In different operating stages, the reasons for the failure of the slurry pump seal are different. Next, we will analyze them one by one.

1, the slurry pump leaks during assembly

The slurry pump is prone to problems during the installation process. It is generally necessary to observe whether the slurry pump is leaking through a static pressure test. When the leakage is small, there is a problem with the moving ring or static ring sealing ring in the small shift. If the leakage is large, it is There are problems with the dynamic and static ring friction pairs. The leaking medium is sprayed along the axial direction, which is mostly the problem of the moving ring seal. If the leaking medium is sprayed around or leaks from the water cooling port, most of the static ring seals have problems. At this time, you should carefully observe and determine the problem and proceed in time adjustment.

2. Leakage during test operation of slurry pump

After the static pressure test, the leakage of the slurry pump is generally caused by the damage of the friction pair of the dynamic and static rings. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, generally: axial force caused by abnormal phenomena such as cavitation, evacuation, holding pressure, excessive compression when installing the seal, too tight or too loose moving or static ring seals, There are reasons such as particles in the working medium entering the friction pair. The main solution is to re-disassemble and replace the seal.

3. Sudden leakage during normal operation of slurry pump

In this case, a few are caused by normal wear or the service life of the slurry pump, but most of them are caused by changes in working conditions or improper operation or maintenance. The main reasons are: evacuating cavitation or holding the pressure for a long time, the actual output is too small, the sealing cooling water is interrupted, the operation is stopped for a long time and the car is restarted, the corrosive, polymerizable or gelling substances in the medium increase, and the slurry The temperature of the working environment of the pump changes drastically, and the working conditions are frequently adjusted. In the process of using the slurry pump, pay attention to the use specifications. The shaft seal water must be connected before use. The pump can be turned off after five minutes of stopping. If the pump is out of service for a long time, clean water and clean the pump cavity and mechanical seal before stopping the operation. Manual cranking when restarting, prolong the service life of slurry pump.

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