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What are the Losses of the Slurry Pump?



As a Slurry Pumps Manufacturer, share with you.

There are three types of losses in the slurry pump.

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

The loss of slurry pump is divided into three types: hydraulic loss, volume loss and mechanical loss.

The mechanical loss is composed of three parts: disc friction loss, stuffing box friction loss and bearing internal friction loss.

Generally speaking, hydraulic loss accounts for a large proportion of the total loss of the pump, and the mechanical loss cannot be ignored. In the mechanical loss, especially in the low specific speed pump, the friction loss of the disc occupies a large proportion.

The friction loss of the disc is caused by the relative sliding of the fluid leaking between the cover plate surfaces on both sides and the pump housing when the impeller in the slurry pump rotates. Start with the nature of the friction loss of the disc to illustrate the effect of surface roughness.

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