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How to Keep the Slurry Pump and Water Pump Working Well?



As a Slurry Pump Manufacturers, share with you.

HH Slurry Pump

HH Slurry Pump

To keep the slurry pump and water pump in good working condition, it is necessary to install the water pump correctly.

Horizontal slurry pump units such as wear-resistant slurry pumps should be installed using the secondary grouting method. According to the installation dimensions of the water pump and motor, the water pump should be installed directly on the foundation. After installation, the centerline of the unit should be consistent with the centerline of the foundation; the deviation of the center elevation of the unit from the design value should not be greater than ±2 mm, and the allowable horizontal error of the unit is 1/10 000.

For slurry pump units that use couplings for direct drive, the coaxiality of the units is generally ensured by aligning couplings. The alignment method of the coupling is: use a straightedge (knife-edge ruler and feeler gauge are parallel to the axis line, use the knife-edge ruler to align the outer circle of the coupling, check the four positions that are 90° each other, and the maximum error should be Not more than 0.1 mm; it is also possible to use a magnetic dial indicator with a feeler gauge to adjust the coupling, fix the magnetic dial indicator on the outer circle of one side of the coupling and crank, and place the magnetic dial indicator probe on On the outer circle of the opposite coupling, the runout of the dial indicator should not be greater than 0.1 5 mm. A uniform axial gap should be maintained between the two couplings. The gap of the coupling should be measured with a feeler gauge, and the gap should not be greater than 0.1 mm.

For the slurry pump unit driven by a belt pulley, the parallelism between the pump shaft and the motor shaft should be maintained, and the pulley is usually used for alignment. Slurry pump units with a small belt pulley center distance can be aligned with a straightedge against the end surface of the flat pulley; for slurry pump units with a large pulley center distance, a cable can be used to align it against the end surface of the flat pulley.

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