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Do you Know the Efficiency Between the Slurry Pump and the Cl



As a Slurry Pump Manufacturers, share with you.

It is common that some literature reports that its sewage pumps and slurry pumps have high clean water efficiency, and some are even close to the clean water pump efficiency. Stone pump slurry pumps have the following views:

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

(1) With the continuous improvement of theoretical research and the continuous deepening and accumulation of experimental conclusions, especially the application of two-phase flow theory, it is inevitable to continuously improve the efficiency of sewage pumps and slurry pumps.

(2) Ordinary clean water pumps are designed for high efficiency, that is to say, the hydraulic structure parameters of clean water pumps are a very good combination of efficiency. The efficiency of pumps with special requirements such as sewage pumps and slurry pumps cannot exceed the efficiency of clean water pumps in the same period. This comparison refers to the advanced level of the contemporaries rather than the design level of a certain person.

(3) The main reason why the efficiency of sewage pumps and slurry pumps is lower than that of clean water pumps is that their flow passages are widened. The value of the efficiency drop is mainly related to the degree of widening. Therefore, if there is no restriction on the passing capacity, it is meaningless to compare the efficiency of two different sewage pumps and slurry pumps (Q, H, n are the same).

(4) The main purpose of widening the mud pump flow path is to reduce the two-phase flow velocity in the flow path to reduce wear. Therefore, the efficiency of a strongly abrasive slurry pump is generally lower than that of a soft slurry pump.

(5) It is recommended that when giving the efficiency of sewage pumps and slurry pumps, a small pass size should be given at the same time to facilitate the comparison of pump design levels.

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