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Can the Slurry Pump Achieve the Purpose of Energy Saving and



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Slurry pump is used for the transportation of slag slurry and is widely used as auxiliary equipment in mining, metallurgy and other industries. In the current situation where the country attaches importance to energy saving and consumption reduction and green development, in line with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, when enterprises use slurry pumps, they will not affect the efficiency of the slurry pump and reduce the consumption to a small amount. The following introduces some of the energy saving of slurry pumps. Some ways to reduce consumption.

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

Horizontal Slurry Pumps

1. Choose according to actual flow and head

In the selection of slurry pumps, there are often misunderstandings. Many users only pay attention to the flow selection of the slurry pump, but ignore the selection of the head of the slurry pump, and even think that the higher the head, the more secure, so the selected slurry pump head is greater than the actual As a result, a large amount of electric energy was wasted. In fact, the slurry pump can be selected according to the actual required flow rate and the slurry conditions to reduce the installed capacity and save electricity. It is worth noting that when calculating the head, it is necessary to consider the loss of head to avoid insufficient head of the slurry pump, which affects the transmission efficiency.

2. The power of the motor and the slurry pump needs to be matched reasonably

The unreasonable matching of the power of the motor and the slurry pump is mainly reflected in the two aspects of "the big cow pulls the small plow and the calf pulls the big plow". There are especially many phenomena, and the matching power is selected to be large, resulting in a great waste of electric energy. . If the motor power is selected to be small, that is, the “little bull pulls the big plow”, the slurry pump’s water output will be insufficient, the motor will be overloaded or the slurry pump will not operate at all, and the normal and stable operation of the slurry pump cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the power of the motor and the slurry pump must be reasonably matched to achieve the desired effect.

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