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What are the Factors That Disrupt the Normal Operation of the Slurry Pump?



As a Slurry Pump Manufacturers, I would like to share with you what are the factors that disrupt the normal operation of slurry pumps.

Submersible slurry pump

The fluid coupling is equivalent to the combination of a centrifugal pump and a turbine. When the motor drives the pump wheel through the coupling input shaft, the pump wheel is like a centrifugal pump, which makes the working oil in the working chamber flow from the inner edge along the pump wheel blade flow path. After the liquid flows out, it passes through the gap between the pump wheel and the turbine.

Metallurgy Slurry Pump

Metallurgy Slurry Pump

Impact the turbine blades to drive the turbine so that it converts the kinetic energy of the liquid into the mechanical energy of the output shaft like a turbine. Then, the liquid returns to the pump wheel through the inner edge of the turbine and starts the next cycle, thereby flexibly reducing the energy of the motor. Pass it to the working machine.

When the coupling is running, the main circulating oil pump sucks in the working oil in the oil tank of the coupling, sends it to the oil inlet chamber in the duct shell through the cooler, and enters the working chamber through the oil inlet of the pump wheel. At the same time, the working oil in the working chamber The oil drains from the oil drain hole of the pump wheel into the shell (spoon tube chamber) to form a rotating oil ring.

In this way, the speed regulating device (electric actuator and rod system) can be used to manipulate the scoop tube to expand and contract in the longitudinal direction to change the thickness of the oil ring in the shell, that is, to change the amount of oil in the working chamber to achieve stepless adjustment of the output speed. The drained oil returns to the oil tank through the drainer.

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