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To What Extent Should The Shaft Sleeve of The Slurry Pump Be Replaced?



At present, many people do not know how slippery the slurry pump shaft sleeve is. Everyone knows that the role of the shaft sleeve is to protect the pump shaft, so that the friction between the packing and the pump shaft is transformed into the friction between the packing and the shaft sleeve.

Therefore, the shaft sleeve is a vulnerable part of the centrifugal pump. To what extent should the bushing be replaced? This problem is often ignored by many companies. The following Slurry Pump Manufacturers provides you with a very simple inspection method:

SP Pump

SP Pump

1. The friction between the outer circle of the shaft sleeve and the packing in the stuffing box causes several ring wear marks of different depths to appear on the outer circle of the shaft sleeve. These wear marks will affect the tightness of the axial seal, resulting in a decrease in the outlet pressure of the centrifugal pump during operation.

2. The outer diameter of the shaft sleeve can be measured with a micrometer or vernier caliper, and the measured size can be compared with the standard outer diameter to check. Under normal circumstances, the depth of the annular wear scar on the outer circumference of the sleeve shall not exceed 0.5mm.

3. For the Runshen slurry pump with severe wear, it is recommended that the slurry pump shaft sleeve should be replaced in time to ensure the tightness of the axial seal.

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