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How to Maximize Pumping Efficiency in Mining



If you look at the way most mining facilities operate, they tend to focus only on optimizing the grinding or extraction of ore. However, mud pumps can represent up to 80% of the operating costs. Therefore, it is important to select and size a slurry pump to match the application and achieve sustained efficiency in your mining operation.

Reliable and efficient slurry handling

Reliable slurry handling equipment is often referred to as the heart of the plant, as it ensures the smooth flow of the process. Slurry handling is critical to maximizing the productivity and efficiency of mineral processing plants. It plays a key role in mining processes that involve water and other fluids.
On the other hand, inadequate slurry handling can lead to shutdowns of entire processing plants or result in inefficiencies in important processes such as grinding, classification, separation, dewatering and tailings handling. Even small improvements in slurry handling efficiency can have a dramatic impact on the profitability of a mining operation.

Slurry pumps are a key component of effective mill operation

For most mineral processing applications, slurry pumps are a key component. The mining industry is constantly striving to increase production from existing assets, so it is important to consider pumping solutions as part of a bigger picture.
Slurry pumps convey material throughout the processing plant in a wet process and are at the heart of the mine mill circuit. If a slurry pump fails, the ore refining process stops because you cannot move the crushed material any further from the beginning of the process. Common causes of premature mill pump failure include improper product application, pump sizing and choice of materials of construction. While timely maintenance is also a key factor, maintenance-friendly design makes maintenance easier, thus reducing the impact on service life.
However, achieving the right balance between ongoing operation and optimized profitable performance is not easy. What initially seems like affordable equipment can quickly turn into excessive maintenance costs and downtime. A key consideration in selecting the right pump for your application is the total cost of ownership. Our team can analyze your application and provide you with a report on the total cost of ownership and guide you in minimizing the total cost of ownership.
A key to becoming more cost-effective in the mining industry is to develop solutions that are more efficient and more resistant to the extreme wear media imposed by the process.

New Engineered Solutions

Global demand for slurry pumps is increasing for coal, copper and iron ore, phosphate and other mines. A rule of thumb when selecting a slurry pump is to look for the most robust and technologically advanced pump in terms of performance, wear resistance, uptime and total cost of ownership.
In today's mining industry, mills and crushers are much larger than ever before because they must handle more material to get the same amount of desired ore. As a result, pumps have to get bigger.
Keeping in mind the changing needs of the industry, our slurry pumps offer excellent uptime and consistent efficiency, best suited for the highly abrasive slurries in mill circuits. It also offers excellent wear and erosion resistance. With the highest impeller aspect ratio in the industry and a wide range of sizes with metal or rubber liners, we ensure that you will always find the right slurry pump for your process needs.
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