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metal Slurry Pump

    M SH HH AH series pumps contain cantilever and horizontal centrifugal pumpswhich apply to transport slurry with strong corrosion proof and high concentration for such industries as metallurgy mine coal power building etc. This kind of pump can be used in multi-stages.
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      Warman replaceable pump Application:

      M, SH, HH series pumps contain cantilever and horizontal centrifugal pumps,which apply to transport slurry with strong corrosion proof and high concentration for such industries as metallurgy, mine, coal, power, building etc. This kind of pump can be used in multi-stages.

      M and SH pump body consist of replaceable metal or rubber lining and its impeller is made of wear resistant metal or rubber. HH series lining and impeller are made of wear resistant metal.The shaft seal of M, SH and HH series pump may adopt packing seal or centrifugal seal.Pump outlet can be spaced by 45。and installed by rotating eight different angles as per requirement.


         Warman replaceable PUMP SELECTION:

      Selection As Per Performance Curve

      @ M, SH series

      High concentration, High corrosion slurry, Capacity: 40~80%

      Medium concentration, Medium corrosion slurry, Capacity: 40~100%

      Low concentration, Low corrosion slurry, Capacity: 40~120%

      @ HH Series

      Medium concentration, Medium corrosion slurry, Capacity: 40~80%

      Low concentration, Low corrosion slurry, Capacity: 40~100%

      (Maximum efficiency point Capacity is 100% under certain rotation speed.)

    And we supply Warman AH Replaceable Pump

    The AH Slurry Pump is a type of horizontal centrifugal slurry pump for heavy duties application. It is suitable a range of mill duties, from unclean water to the most difficult water flushed crusher solutions. It is mailly made use of for delivering reduced thickness slurry for metallurgical, mining, coal and also building material divisions.

    The specifications of the AH slurry pump are as follows. Take the specifications of the WALKER®8/6E AH slurry pump as an example. The size is 8" x 6", the sewage treatment capacity is 360-828m3/h, and the treatment speed is 500-1140rpm. NPSHr is 2-9m, the sewage effect can reach 72%, and the maximum processing power is 300kw. The maximum specification for handling solids is 63mm. The seals are arranged with packing seals, propeller seals, mechanical seals, etc., and are composed of high chromium alloys, rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, etc.

    The AH Slurry Pump Style Attributes:

    Heavy duty construction with through-bolt style supplies ease of maintenance and marginal downtime.
    Ductile iron completely lined casing offers longevity, toughness, safety and security, and lengthy service life.
    Huge diameter, sluggish switching, high efficiency impellers made to attain maximum wear life as well as reduced operating expense.
    Big, open inner flows made to decrease internal speeds, increase use life as well as reduced operating expense.
    Thick elastomer or alloy bolt-in liners supply premium deterioration resistance plus offer simplicity of liner change-out and interchangeability to decrease total upkeep expenses and maximise put on life.
    Very little shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and boosts packing life.
    Cartridge-style bearing assembly enables upkeep in a tidy environment without elimination of the pump, leading to trustworthy operation as well as extended bearing life.
    Grease or oil lubrication bearing assembly alternatives provide convenience of upkeep as well as decreased downtime.
    Optional dry running shaft seal reduces or eliminates flush water needs.
    Effective expeller extends packing life while lowering or removing flush water demand.
    Now featuring throatbush and also impeller mix developed to improve effectiveness as well as improve wear performance.
    Interchangeability of seal arrangements-- full flush, reduced circulation, centrifugal, or mechanical seals may be fitted to any kind of sized pump.


    AH Slurry Pump Normal Applications:

    Mining & Mineral Handling

    The sluggish running speeds of AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump, together with the detailed selection of abrasion resistant alloys and elastomers, supply incomparable performance and also life span for all unpleasant mining as well as minerals refining applications.

    Chemical Process

    The interchangeability of alloy as well as elastomer components in the very same pump covering, together with a variety of mechanical seals, make the AH Strong Slurry Pump the most flexible choice for the chemical plant setting.


    Sand & Crushed rock

    Created for easy and also straightforward disrobe as well as re-assembly, AH Strong Slurry Pump reduces downtime, making it the perfect option where mounted stand by pumps are not readily available.

    Sugar Handling

    The premium dependability and also service life of AH Sturdy Slurry Pump is specified by lots of sugar plant engineers worldwide where nonstop pump procedure during the sugar campaign is a critical requirement.

    Flue Gas Desulphurisation

    The brand-new generation of specially created abrasion as well as rust resistant alloys, together with the extremely most current elastomer innovation, positions Tobee Pumps securely as a major supplier of pumps to the FGD sector.

    Oil & Gas Exploration

    Over a number of years we have created the tested layout of AH Heavy Duty Slurry Pump ranges to suit the details needs of offshore applications. We can now provide the most trustworthy top side solution to abrasive wear.

    Industrial Applications

    Wherever abrasive solids are causing early failure of pumps, AH Strong Slurry Pump range has the appropriate mix of performance, use life and also integrity to bring the consumer the most affordable price of ownership.

    Shijiazhuang Longteng Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-scale professional manufacturer of slurry pumps. Mainly pump type is M SH HH L slurry pump, G/GH gravel pump, SP/SPR sump pump, ZJ(G)L slurry pumps and other centrifugal horizontal or vertical pumps. The products are mainly used in environment protection, waste-water treatment,urban water supply and drainage mine, metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, building materials, thermal power FGD, river dredging, trailing disposal and other fields.

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