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Aug 02, 2018


    LongTeng’s hi-Chrome alloy OEM Business
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      LongTeng’s hi-Chrome alloy OEM Business

      Depending on the advantages of LongTeng, we widely offer the OEM service for casting for customers at home and abroad.

      Currently we have dominant international customers from US,Holland, Japan,Russia,etc.At the same time, we have established the long-term co-operation with Shanghai Dredging Company, Guangzhou Dredging Company,etc.

      We mainly offer the hi-Chrome alloy OEM products -KmTBCr26

      have the following performance and application,

      -With erode resistance, and certain corrosive resistance

      -Used for higher wear-condition with PH between 5-12.


      -Can be used in mining,oil,coal.

    14*12*22 alternative mission pump parts
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